DRY CLEANING (Same Day-Service Available)
All garments, from casual and business attire to formal wear, are carefully cleaned and hand inspected by our on-site professionals and ready for you to wear. We use traditional and eco-friendly techniques specially designed to clean and protect your investment. Custom services -complete with hand finishing - are available for most items:
-    Couture Apparel
-    Dress shirts (on hangers or boxed)
-    Leather, Suede and Fur
-    Cashmere & Wool
-    Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation
-    Silk, Linen, Laces & Vintage Fabrics
-    Down Comforters, Pillows and Drapery
-    Bed or Table Linens, Blankets
-    Most Household Dry Cleanable Items
Our laundry services are also available for all your washable garments and household items. Many customers rely on us to provide amazing results at reasonable cost for the following items:
-    Shirts (laundered & pressed; upon request, starched to your preference)
-    Fluff & Fold for any Washable Items
-    Flat work: Bed & Table Linens
-    Household Washables
Our tailoring team will use its considerable sewing expertise to help every client look her or his best. We provide fast turnaround times, great service and quality workmanship -and all at fair prices.
8042 Santa Monica Blvd. (Crescent Heights) West Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel 323 848 9158 & 323 654 5189